Jake & Imogen | Texts
  • Jake: You know me well. :P But I'll give anything a go once. I'm more nervous about her pregnancy hormones randomly adding in ingredients. You will not believe some of the dinner combinations we've had recently.
  • Imogen: Course I do. You're my growing boy. But oh gosh. Someone should supervise her in the kitchen. What was for dinner tonight?
  • Jake: We had chicken... but she ate hers with apple slices. It was weird to watch. She's on a fruit/savory kick right now. I also awkwardly nearly made mention of her growing stomach and Dad kicked me under the table. I really should learn to filter.
  • Imogen: Chicken and apple slices...? I've heard weirder. Some chicken salads have apples in them! Your dad was right to do so! Most women don't like hearing about their growing tummies. But boy, if I had someone growing inside me, I'd be thrilled. I'd show it off and talk about it all the time! Hehe.
  • Jake: I can't picture you pregnant, you're so tiny! You'd be cute though. I could see you painting different pictures on your stomach everyday. It'd definitley be weird I think. I couldn't imagine someone growing inside of me. Helen said she feels like butterflies are in her stomach all the time.

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